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ThetaHealing® Seminar DNA Basic Berlin

ThetaHealing® Seminar DNA Basic Berlin

Invest in your yourself with a ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Basic Seminar in Berlin

Seminar ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Basic in Berlin

My trainings und knowledge in the ThetaHealing® technique in Berlin

Seminar ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Basic Berlin

ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Basic Seminar Berlin without prerequisites

3 days, dates tbc.


– Guide to a meditation to connect to the highest plane of existence to increase consciousness and awareness (ThetaHealing® technique DNA Basic seminar Berlin)

– Remember/ Strengthen the intuitive as well as psychic abilities and how you can use, train and control them to your advantage

– DNA activation that helps you to retrieve existing, dormant information from your DNA, how you actively can benefit from it and how you activate your youth chromosome

– Learning intuitive “inventories” or “readings” of past, present, future, of the body (intuitive “body scans”) and angel readings

– Cleansing of negative energies, elimination of energetic attacks, hooks, curses, harmful radiation / poisons

– Retrieving and returning soul fragments

– Understand your subconscious mind which consists of a pool of beliefs that works for us in life both beneficial and obstructive. Obstructive beliefs can be recognized in mind-expanding meditation and replaced with beneficial beliefs. In this way we understand that we are creators instead of victims of our own lives.

– Learn a manifestation technique to consciously and actively shape your reality

Invest in your yourselves with a ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Basic Seminar in Berlin

Invest in yourselves € 463,00 (ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Basic Seminar Berlin)

Including: Book “ThetaHealing® DNA Basic” by Vianna Stibal, seminar manual, tea, filtered water

Registration here   (ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Basic Seminar Berlin)

When registering please tell me exactly which seminar you are requesting.

My trainings und knowledge in the ThetaHealing® technique in Berlin

Certificates achieved for the ThetaHealing® technique in Berlin for the following seminars:

  • You and God (Teacher),
  • You and your significant other (Teacher),
  • Diseases and Disorders,
  • DNA 3,
  • Seven Planes of Existence,
  • World Relations,
  • Intuitive Anatomy,
  • Hormone Symphony,
  • Game of Life,
  • Manifestation and Abundance (Teacher),
  • Wealth Consciousness by Mark Anthony,
  • Rainbow Children for adults,
  • Animals and animal communication,
  • ThetaHealing® for plants,
  • Dig Deeper (Teacher),
  • Soulmate
  • Rhythm to your perfect weight
  • Crystal Layout,
  • DNA 2 (Teacher),
  • DNA Basic (Teacher)

Legal notice:

This type of treatment works on the energetic and informative level.

It is one of the methods of spiritual healing and serves to activate the self-healing powers. It is not a substitute for scientifically proven diagnoses. I make no promises or promise of success on the treatment. A liability for any consequences of the treatment is excluded. Everything is done on the basis of personal responsibility and informed content.

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Parking spaces you find either on the street sides or on Ku'damm. The next underground station is Adenauer Platz.


Telephone: 0176 985 980 82

Email: info(at)

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