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Weight Loss Berlin

Weight Loss Berlin

Weight Loss Berlin

Lipoinjection and Cryolipolysis

Treatment Approaches for Weight Loss in Berlin

Invest in yourself – Prices for Weight Loss in Berlin

Weight Loss Berlin

Why weight loss in Berlin? The issue of excess weight is very complex. That many people desire to loose weight is not only for aesthetic reasons. It also plays a very important role for our health. Certain foods like wheat makes us gain weight particularly at the belly and goes deeply between the organs which causes severe health issues. There are people who don’t know that they carry a tape worm that “steals” important nutrients. Affected people often store belly fat subconsciously to prevent starvation.

Whether it is about 5 or 25 kilos, there is a very different ideal weight for each and every one. Some people go through eating disorders, others struggle through diets and some experience a yo-yo effect for years.

Lipoinjection and Cryolipolysis

In the past I worked with both: lipolysis injections as well as the cryolipolysis (freeze fat cells). Both methods have indeed shown good results but rather in small local fat deposits for individuals who are already quite slim anyway. Larger fat deposits or overweight persons are less suitable for those methods. Also there are a large number of contraindications to the treatments. Both treatments only address the surface of your body and don’t help your body to metabolize more efficiently.

Healthy weight loss 

I want to help you to lose or reduce weight by getting the body to increase its fat burning activities and metabolism by itself. I hardly recommend an intestinal cleanse, a specific plan of dieting and supplements. In colon cleansing, you often lose a few kilos simply by removing the slags in the intestine. Due to the same slags, important nutrients can often not be sufficiently absorbed despite high-quality supplements. A feeling or “need” for food intake often remains. Usually it does not feel like a real feeling of hunger. To boost the weight loss process I advise to add a few sessions of cupping. Cupping will help your body to detoxify. Due to the increase of blood circulation in the respective and desired areas the fat burning process is highly stimulated. Also it helps the skin to be more elastic which may prevent a sagging of the skin.

Treatment Approach

Get a consultation to learn how the weight loss program works.

If you wish to do the weight loss program you can book the cupping session as stated below. It will include the following:

  • Monitoring your weight
  • Looking at your eating habits
  • A guided meditation for motivation and manifestation of who you want to be

Invest in yourself – Prices Weight Loss Berlin

Consultation 20,00 €

Cupping on belly/ or back 75,00 €

Cupping on belly and back 90,00 €

Ear acupressure patches to regulate appetite in addition to cupping 5,00 €

For any questions and bookings please contact me via the contact form, email or telephone under +49 (0) 176 985 980 82.

Cancellation policy: Please cancel or postpone treatments 24 hours in advance. If cancelled in less than 24 hours the whole treatment price will be charged.

Weight Loss Berlin
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weight loss berlin
Cupping helps to reduce weight and to keep the skin elastic
Weight Loss
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