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Past Life Therapy Berlin

Past Life Therapy and crystal layout in Berlin

What exactly happens at a past life treatment in Berlin?

How does the past life therapy in Berlin work?

The difference between the past life therapy and the treatment in form of a crystal layout in Berlin

Invest in yourself with a past life therapy and crystal layout in Berlin – prices

What exactly happens at a past life treatment in Berlin?

At a past life treatment in my practice in Berlin you can find out when or where you have been incarnated in the past and how certain unprocessed emotions from the past affect you in the here and now. Since we consciously only use about 3-8% of our brain we can assume that in the other 92-97% of the unconscious part of our brain information is stored which can affect our current life to our advantage and/ or disadvantage. If you repeatedly experience defeats in love or in the financial or professional field or suffer from recurring physical symptoms for which you can find no explanation in your memory repertoire, this can be researched through a past life therapy. This unconscious memory contains all the necessary information for the questions you ask why certain concerns in your life return or dominate. When we work in the subconscious mind we can explore stored memories from the ancestral genetic lineage. Not all causes of recurring programs come from a past life. Some may be stored on the DNA through the experiences of our ancestors. When we inherit programs from our ancestors and explore them in the state of relaxation in conjunction with the subconscious mind, we perceive their experiences and memories as if they were our own experiences from a past life. But we can test this with a kinesiological muscle test similar to how I use it for the aura surgery or the ThetaHealing® method. This exploration in the subconscious can also be used for experiences from this life, if one does not remember certain experiences from their early childhood.

How does the past life therapy in Berlin work?

During the past life therapy in Berlin you will be brought to a state of relaxation. The eyes are closed. So you can connect to your subconsciousness more easily. The condition is similar to the state of autogenous training or meditation. You are still awake and in control of yourselves. It’s just the brainwave that changes. When you speak and your eyes are open, your brain is in the beta wave (38-15 Hz), which is also called waking consciousness. The alpha wave (14-8 Hz) is the state that goes into meditation. Some people smell, taste and hear more intensely in this condition. During meditation and a past life therapy, the brain is in the theta wave (7-4 Hz). Only deep sleep brings your brain into a delta wave (3-0.5 Hz). I also offer a more extensive past life therapy in the form of a crystal layout which brings you much, much deeper into the theta wave. Crystals are also used to hold better, deeper and longer the deep state of relaxation. The pictures of the past life experiences during the past life therapy are even clearer and more precise. We could switch far more easily between future and past incarnations. Why is that good? We can not express certain feelings that we may not know from this life. By experiencing them in a past life therapy we can collect feelings like joy, love or acceptance from past or future lives bringing them into the here and now. This way the brain can more easily create receptors for those emotions than if the client continuously “tries” to learn them. Because ultimately, we incarnate again and again – to master certain feelings and virtues. When you are in the state of relaxation, we return to the causal life which is responsible for the concern for which you have come into my practice. Then we explore what exactly happened. It is very important to look at what the person wanted to learn from the experience of the past life and if that is what the person still subconsciously wants to learn on the daily base. When we realize what we want to learn, we give the subconscious new perspectives so that it can stop creating repetitive situations that have led to the symptoms or difficulties of the todays state.

The difference between the past life therapy and the same in form of a crystal layout in Berlin

Crystals are also used to hold a deep state of relaxation. The pictures of the experiences during the past life treatment are even clearer and and a lot more precise. We can switch more easily between future and past lives. How does it benefit us? We can not express certain feelings that we may not know from this life. Entering any life from future or past where we have already learned virtues as joy, love or acceptance we can simply bring them into the current life. For the brain it is more easily to create the according receptors if you have experienced and actually felt the virtues than just learning them from theory. The crystal layout is more time consuming therefore the higher price.

When returning to past lives without crystals, we can also enter a state of relaxation where we have access to the subconscious. Perhaps the images of the experiences to be visited are not as sharp as in the crystal layout. Sometimes this is also related to the intuitive abilities of the client. The past life therapy (in Berlin) without crystals is less time-consuming and you can not switch between past or future lives. Nevertheless, we naturally explore the tasks and what had happened in the parallel as well as past lives and what the soul wanted to learn from it in order to progress in this life more easily and liberally.

Invest in yourself with a past life therapy in Berlin – prices

Past life therapy in Berlin in form of a crystal layout 110 min € 205,00 

Past life therapy in Berlin 50 min € 145,00  

For appointments please contact me via contact form, email or phone +49 (0) 17698598082.

Cancellation policy: Please cancel or postpone treatments 24 hours in advance. If cancelled in less than 24 hours the whole treatment price will be charged.

Legal notice:

This type of treatment works on the energetic and informative level.

It is one of the methods of spiritual healing and serves to activate the self-healing powers. It is not a substitute for scientifically proven diagnoses. I make no promises or promise of success on the treatment. A liability for any consequences of the treatment is excluded. Everything is done on the basis of personal responsibility and informed content.

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